Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution:
Nowadays , investment is necessary for the country.
Special opportunities
Business transformation
Promotion of international position

All licenses of investment projects have been obtained by Isfahan Provincial General Government
The governor of Isfahan stated: "Some of what the recession is called in the province is, in fact, the recession of the minds of some managers and officials."
According to the General Directorate of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Governorate of Isfahan, Dr. Mohsen Mehralizadeh, during the meeting with the units and departments of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the province with them, the indicators indicate that we are not in a favorable economic situation in the province, which of course In some indicators, the economic conditions of the country are worse. The governor of Isfahan, saying that the key to capitalism and capitalism is a term that is always spoken in the province, added that 33 percent of tax revenues have not yet been realized and that it is the 30th country in terms of total revenues. It's not good.
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